Friday, July 1, 2011

Diagnostic Screening and Sex Differences in Diagnostic Screening

MONDAY, June 27
(HealthDay News) reported what I feared. More than half of toddlers are not being checked for developmental delays. Time is the excuse that these pediatricians have given for not doing formal developmental screening. Benefits from early intervention is lost. Parents must be proactive in bringing up developmental concerns.

(Sfari's Deborah Rudacille) reports that the symptoms of Asperger looks slightly different in girls than in boys. The study in RIDD suggests that HF girls are being diagnosed later or are altogether missed. This may be the reason that Asperger is diagnosed 8x more in boys than in girls (autism is 4x). Girls are generally diagnosed around the age of 10 and boys at 8. Girls may be "protected from the effects of rare genetic variants that seem to cause autism in boys. Girls who have the disorder tend to have large deletions and duplications of DNA and have more severe symptoms." Autism has been referred to as the extreme [testosterone?]male brain, perhaps caused by exposure to abnormally high levels of testosterone in utero.

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  1. Many of these developmental issues are due to vaccines given and suggested by the same pediatricians who wonder where these delays come from...Please make informed decisions about the children God has given us responsibility for.